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Ripple Digital Currencies: Troubles with Ripples

By Hank Wonety
In Ripple
Jan 8th, 2014

Digital currencies have gained its popularity in today’s time. Bitcoin is one of the most recognized digital currencies today and this is often the preferred currency of porn addicts, crack dealers and libertarians due to its easier management. The rising popularity of these digital currencies has attracted many speculators and techies in understanding how it really works.

Ripple a digital currency instead of coins

Aside from Bitcoin, other digital currencies are also making its way to popularity. One promising currency is the Ripple (XRP). This crypto currency instantly rose to fame after it helped a Norwegian guy acquire a mind-blowing $889, 000 after converting $27 worth of Bitcoins. By taking close examination, one can see that it is a 3.3M percent return on investment, which is definitely an alluring deal.

The inconvenience regarding Ripple is that they do not accept direct cash. For one to have Ripple, one should have to make use of what they call as a “gateway”. The “getaway” is a site that accepts cash and deposits it into what is referred to as a “Ripple Wallet”. The “Ripple Wallet” is where your Ripples are collected.

Ripples Labs is aiming to encourage more users, which is why they are trying to rampantly scatter the currency across nations. One recognized partner for the dissemination is the SnapSwap. SnapSwap is a Seattle-base gateway site that is giving their customers 500 Ripples on specific conditions. They give 500 Ripples to customers who use their service in transferring $10 to Ripple Wallet. However, there are customers that are not happy with the promo given that they weren’t able to get Ripples instantly despite meeting the conditions. SnapSwap’s customer support line is also difficult to contact, which is why getting assistance regarding it is quite difficult.

The 500 Ripples promo on the internet…

The buzz generated by the 500 Ripples promo has sparked a lot of discussions on the internet, especially on Twitter. The discussion led to arguments. A notable incidence is when a client and a Twitter account named XRP Ripples Helpdesk, alleged to be associated with Ripple Labs, got into a discussion. The alleged Ripple Labs account posted that SnapSwaps is encountering a great deal of conversions and insinuated that smaller accounts do not really matter for Ripple Labs which is why they are tending to larger accounts first before smaller accounts.

snapswap versus rippleThe discussion was noticed by Ripple Labs and SnapSwaps, which is why they contacted the client and notified him that the account does not have direct connection to their companies. As compensation, the company immediately gave him the promised 500 Ripples. The account user was also advised to clear the account as not having a direct affiliation with the companies.

When questioned regarding why the client was not able to get his 500 immediately, Snapswap said that they had a problem with the account. The client wasn’t really buying the excuse. According to him, SnapSwap should have contacted him given that it already took 15 days. 15 days is already enough time to fix certain account issues. The issue also took a great deal on who the company should associate with. The client feels that SnapSwap is not making Ripples’ reputation a good one.

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