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Mining – From Beginning to the End

By Nitesh Bualang
In Namecoin
Feb 14th, 2014

Mining Namecoins is a check-in-tongue term for absolutely anybody who is familiar with Namecoins. The mining file was downloaded as a compressed file having the .zip attachment. For first time Namecoin Miners, click on the MineWithCPU.bat. My computer supported the files; so, starting off the file was very simple. This sets up the BTC Guild which is a mining pool. The start-up process can take hours, if it is the first time you are running it in your computer. Though mining Namecoins is not that effective if you are running it in your CPU, it can be a good experience if you want to understand exactly how the mining occurs.

Mining namecoin with GPU:

To Mine Namecoins with the GPU, just the MineWithGPU.bat file can get you started on mining. If the file is compatible with the Graphic Card present in the GPU, the computer starts mining all by itself. With the GPU, the process could take only a few minutes, unlike in the computer. With the GPU, mining becomes more and more effective. However the efficiency is not as high as in the case of the ASIC, which was originally built for mining. In mining, Namecoins and Bitcoins mined together. So, with the GPU, I did not receive as many Namecoins as with GPU.

Mining Groups:

To start mining, it is good advice to join mining groups. Pooling together is a lot of fun. Mining Namecoins separately is not helpful in anyway. However, if you still want to mine separately, then running the right file can help you succeed in the purpose. Just a plain old synchronization with the network can also help. Here, it takes some time to mine a full block.
There are several other miners like Pooler’s CPUminer and CGMiner that mines at an increased speed. There are antivirus programs that consider all the miners as malware. However they are not. Since they are included in certain legit programs, they are being detected by certain malware detectors. Since they are present without the knowledge of the user, they are included as the malicious software.
With some software, it is possible to mine Namecoins, Bitcoins, as well as Devcoins. But before you get everything started, you need to download namecoin client, as well as Namecoin address. Then, enter that address into the pool account. Start off here, and then go for the mining process. You are on the road to success already!

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