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Microsoft and Emercoin partner for the Azure cloud BAAS program

By Sharon Rowe
In Cryptocoins
Jan 24th, 2016

Emercoin recently came out of nowhere with an announcement that would shock many cryptocurrency developers right where they stand. They announced that they are now partnered with Microsoft to deliver the Emercoin blockchain features to Microsoft’s Azure cloud BAAS marketplace. BAAS stands for Blockchain As A Service. Emercoin has become a member of that Azure marketplace. There is a huge demand for blockchain services that are ready to go and are ready to be implemented. Emercoin fit the profile that Microsoft had been looking for and the Azure cloud platform goes hand in hand with blockchain possibilities. Emercoin has developed a very usable suite of ready-to-use features that businesses and consumers can use right now in real life and out there in the real world. All based on blockchain-technology.

Emercoin wil deliver this suite of ready-to-use features in the Azure cloud at the end of 2016. At least, that is the plan and that has been announced. Azure cloud users will be able to use a lot of Emercoin’s incredible features and services. Think of their digital proof of ownership, identity, password-free authentication, network security, a fully distributed ad-network and a bunch of ecommerce solutions. An incredible set of features for Emercoin and the Azure service, but also for any business or consumer wanting to gauge the experience of a blockchain-based service. Or BAAS as Microsoft calls it.

A list of all the services that Emercoin will deliver to Azure’s BAAS platform can be found below:

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Emercoin will surely be one of the top cryptocurrencies of 2016 with this rare and incredible partnership made with one of the largest software companies in the world. This also shows that Microsoft is completely ready to embrace blockchain technology and willing to act upon that interest. Distributed ledger solutions, a term that will fly throughout the world media’s landscape more often now that Emercoin has made its deal. If you want to know more details about Emercoin and their partnership with Azure, then read it on the Azure webpage. So you know, this is for real and Emercoin has paved the way for other thriving blockchain services to come. Will Microsoft be the first company to launch blockchain-based services on a large scale? Will Google, Samsung, Apple and other major corporations follow?

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