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Fun Facts about Peercoins

By Hank Wonety
In Peercoin
Feb 23rd, 2014

I have tried my hand in almost all the Crypto currencies since their launch. However, my one disappointment was that there was no one to answer my queries. I mean for something as new as crypto currencies, it certainly would have helped to have an online help desk or chat room or something along those lines. I am certainly overjoyed in telling you that Peercoins does not fall into that cadre. In the Peercoin website, I loved the fact that there was a forum, which answers absolutely any question that comes up. Even glitches with the network are handled by the forum.

An awesome place for users to interact:

Another thing about forums is that there are always forums, but no one to clear up the queries. Also, most forums stick strictly to business. Peercoins, on the other hand, provide a common place for several PPC traders, to meet up. Here all possible talks about PPC take place. To all the American traders looking to buy Peercoins, you should seriously check out the site. Buying Peercoins is explained in detail at great length.

The Maximum number of coins:

Wikipedia says that there are around 20 million Peercoins currently existing. Technically, there is no limit to the number of Peercoins that can actually exist. However, analysts state that Peercoins cannot possibly have more than 2.1 billion coins, all existing at the same time. They say that the setup of the network is solely responsible for it.

The decentralized or the centralized system:

Peercoins have a centralized checkpoint. This makes it a tad bit less centralized than Bitcoins. Peercoins are checked by a central source. This means that it can pave way for corruption and manipulation of the value. Peercoins are currently putting in all efforts to get rid of the centralization. At present, I don’t find many traders that bothered about the lack of decentralization. So, irrespective of the consequences of these efforts, Peercoins are set for the present. Getting more people to buy the coins and trade with it, they will require the removal of this centralized system, at the earliest. This partially centralized system, as of now, is for the best. I mean, it has prevented attacks. Records show that it has prevented almost 51% of the attacks that it has almost met with, so far.

Crypto currency needs a lot of character. As a place where people keep their real money in, it is possible for a network to go haywire. Character is what the need of the hour is, and character is what Peercoins have got.

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