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Fancy Buying A Home In Dogecoin currency?

By Sharon Rowe
In Dogecoin
Feb 28th, 2014

It might not seem like a normal item that you would consider buying or selling using Dogecoin’s, but one man from Wisconsin has announced he will accept Dogecoin’s in payment for his holiday home.

This has stirred interest in the home and the potential to purchase a home in a cryptocurrency form. The owner of the home has been happily using the cryptocurrency for a few years, and has recently developed a taste for using the currency Dogecoin. This currency is still in its infancy; first released in December 2013, yet has managed to climb quickly up the cryptocurrency markets.

Why announce the acceptance of the Dogecoin currency

The housing market around the world is currently slow, and if you are looking to sell a property, it could be a lengthy process. If the property hasn’t moved as quickly as you would like, a little bit of free publicity might help the wheels to turn. It has certainly caused a stir in the markets, with people questioning the sense of holding on to large sums of currency when the Mt Gox Exchange is still far from resolved.

In reality, the cost of the property in Dogecoin’s is 100 million which equates to around $135,000 US dollars.

This is a great publicity stunt, if nothing else; it would generate interest in a property that has failed to sell, possibly due to a large amount of other similar properties in the area.

But, the likelihood is that this property will not form the first purchase of a property with Dogecoin’s. It is a shame that the dream of creating a currency that is accepted without question has not arrived yet.

There are potentially more hiccups along the way before the Dogecoin currency is going to be trading in the property markets.

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