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Cryptocurrency Dogecoin Has Saved The Day

By Sharon Rowe
In Dogecoin
Jan 28th, 2014

There are many reasons that people can come together but one that has touched more is the way cryptocurrency has supported and raised funds for an Olympic dream.

Cryptocurrency saves the day

Cryptocurrency saves the day

Jamaica Bob-sleigh team funded by Dogecoin

The Jamaica team has qualified to participate in the Russian Olympics this year, but they were not going to be able to go because of a lack of funds. The team hadn’t managed to raise enough money for the trip.

This brings many people back to the Disney film Cool Running; it was based on a Jamaica Bob-sleigh team going to the Olympics. It has inspired many teams to try out for the sport and at last Jamaica has finally managed to secure a spot.

Cryptocurrency saves the day

What is great is the community of people who use the Dogecoin that is based on the underdog theme who have come to the teams rescue. They have managed to raise $30,000 dollars for the team in Dogecoin of course; this is around 27 million Dogecoins.

This spirit highlights the giving that happens around the world every-day, communities come together and support people when they need them most. What is so great about this story is the connection between the underdogs of cryptocurrency; this is how they describe themselves and the Bob-sleigh team from Jamaica, fighting against the odds to compete in a sport at Olympic level.

Cryptocurrency might be a computer generated currency but it shows that there is hope and compassion with the people that use it. This gives the currency a face, not just the cute dog on their coins, but of real people, people with compassion to help those in need.


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