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A few creations with 21’s Bitcoin Computer

By Sharon Rowe
In Bitcoin
Jan 10th, 2016

Within the world of Bitcoin the company that goes by the name of 21 may be one of the best funded companies in recent Bitcoin history. Apart from other companies such as Coinbase of course, but the industry is still battling mining and mainly focussed on that aspect. But with recent implementation of Bitcoin within the NASDAQ’s underlying communication for orders, a new step has been made. It has made people a lot more enthusiastic about Bitcoin and things you can build using the crypto currency. What are people making with the 21 Bitcoin computer? Here are a few creations and ideas.

Social media monetization

Earn money using your Twitter account? We’ve all thought about it probably. Using the 21 Bitcoin computer Justin Guy created a project that sells retweets on Twitter. He created a website that feels like Reddit where you can post, comment and vote for a fee.

BitLink is what the project is called pays a portion of that fee to whomever posted the link or comment. Incentivized interaction using Bitcoin, brilliant!

Wi-Fi for sale

None other then Andreas Antonopoulos is also working on a 21 Bitcoin Computer project. He is working on a project that involves a Wi-Fi captive portal where you can pay with Bitcoin.

There are more companies looking into ways to monetize Wi-Fi spots where you pay per minutes or choose from other paid plans. It’s definitely an interesting use of the computer as anyone could sell their Wi-Fi using Bitcoin.

Assets and creations to be sold

Steven McKie is working on creating a 21 Bitcoin Computer endpoint where you can pay for a Soundcloud 3D audio visualiser, which has been created by Alex Smith. On another note, but very similar, a project known as Download21 gives people the opportunity to get paid for offline caching of files from sites such as Soundcloud.

Running this project using a 21 Bitcoin Computer gives people the opportunity to run tiehr own server where people will be able to sell downloads or extract files from another’s server to get paid in Bitcoin.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the most popular subject of recent months, but there aren’t many projects to speak of yet. But Bosch, a huge company, has revealed that they are using the 21 Bitcoin Computer to have PhD students toy around with them to find applications that could benefit their firm and the power of IoT.

Bosch stated that this young company is a key player in Bosch’s vision using the Internet of Things to their benefit.

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