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Do You Own Any Of The 5th Most Valuable Cryptocurrency?

By Sharon Rowe
In Dogecoin
Jan 31st, 2014

The Dogecoin has made a massive splash on the cryptocurrency markets, it is still just over two months old and it is taking the e-currency markets by storm. It is quickly becoming a cryptocurrency that is taking over the markets; it is not going to be a short lived currency but one who’s development power we are yet to discover.


This currency, which was laughed at and seen as a joke when it made its debut on the market a few months ago, has quickly become a market contender and in the last day it has jumped to the 5th place on the leader board. It is surpassing all previous expectations of the potential of this currency and it is certainly going to be a currency to watch.

It has taken the lead over the Nxt currency which has now been displaced to the 6th place. The Dogecoin has taken on a 12% increase in the last few days.

This could be due to the recent announcement from the Dogecoin Company and the moving away from the Bitcoin ties. This move will allow investors to purchase into the currency by using US or Canadian dollars. This has not been allowed before and it could have a positive effect on the value of the currency. The recent rise could be an indication of potential growth of this particular currency in future months.

This coin quickly became a currency to be associated with; it wasn’t just about the currency, it was about the community that it has inspired too. In the two months that this currency has been in existence it has raised $30,000 to help the Jamaican Bob-sleigh team to attend the Olympics in Russia, and has raised $6,500 to help send the Indian athletes to travel to the Olympics too.


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